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Mini biochemical centrifuge MCKD-05 [MEO]

Do you need a small but efficient centrifuge for your laboratory? The MCKD-05 [MEO] mini biochemical centrifuge is the perfect solution for you. This compact and lightweight centrifuge has been specially designed to work with microtubes, eppendorf tubes and PCR tubes.

High top speed

One of the most important features of this mini centrifuge is its high top speed of 5000 rpm. So you can be sure that your samples will be thoroughly mixed in a short time. Whether you're working on scientific research or routine lab testing, this high-speed feature will make you achieve excellent results.

Compatible with different types of tubes

The MCKD-05 [MEO] mini biochemical centrifuge has a capacity of 8 x 0.5/1.5/2.0 ml and an additional PCR rotor with a capacity of 16 x 0.2ml in the set. This means you can use different types of tubes depending on your needs. Whether you are working with small samples or larger volumes, this centrifuge will give you flexibility and convenience.

Quiet operation and ease of use

The MCKD-05 [MEO] mini biochemical centrifuge is equipped with an opening sensor that automatically stops the device when the lid is opened. Thanks to this, you can be sure of your safety while working. In addition, this centrifuge is characterized by very quiet operation, which is especially important for long-term experiments or studies that require focus.

The weight of this mini centrifuge is only 0.5 kg and its dimensions are 16/17/12 cm. This means it takes up little space on your desk or lab shelf. Plus, it's lightweight and handy to move between different workstations. Do not hesitate any longer - order the MCKD-05 Mini Biochemical Centrifuge [MEO] today and enjoy the professional quality and performance of this reliable device!


  • Specification:
  • Maximum speed: 5000 rpm.
  • Rotor type: 45 degree
  • volume: 8 x 0.5/1.5/2.0 ml
  • second PCR rotor 16 x 0.2ml included
  • Opening sensor
  • very quiet operation
  • ideal for microtubes, eppendorf tubes and PCR tubes
  • Weight: 0,5 kg
  • dimensions: 16/17/12 cm
  • The MCKD-05 mini centrifuge is an ideal solution for small veterinary clinics and clinics, laboratories and scientific laboratories. It is ideal for microtubes, eppendorf tubes and PCR tubes.
  • Just close the cover for start and open the cover to stop. In addition, the centrifuge has double doors, which increases work safety.


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