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Matrx VME2 is a complete cost-effective set for inhalation narcosis on a shiny movable stand. Optional components allow the installation of articulated shelves, a second flow meter, a second evaporator, a patient valve (with safety relief) or an air-intake safety valve.

  • Compatible with Matrx VIP 3000® and TEC 3 evaporators
  • Includes evaporator mounting kit, 1L and 2L breathing bags and two 15mm and 22mm patient circuits
  • Additional accessories available
  • 5-arm base for easy mobility of the camera
  • 5-year warranty



Dual View oxygen flow meter - glass tube with measurement scale from 0.2 to 4.0 l / min - quick change from standard view to enlarged with one finger movement

Clear inhalation and exhalation valves allow for even better assessment of the patient's state of respiration

Rapid oxygen flush

CO2 absorber 1100 cc

Dome-shaped valves - no tools required

Adjustable Patient Valve (Safety Relief Valve)

Patient pressure pressure gauge -60 to +60 cm H2O

Two patient breathing circuits with a diameter of 15mm and 22mm

Respiratorial bags 1L and 2L

Movable stand on 5-arm base with wheels

Convenient shelf for accessories

Compatible with Matrx VIP 3000® and TEC 3 evaporators

Additional accessories available m.in. O2 Low Flow kit for patients under 2.27 kg weight, Ayres respiratory circuit and more

5-year warranty

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