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In clinical situations, animals need external heat, natural thermoregulation is turned off by anesthesia or by anesthesia.

MOECK heating blankets are placed under the patient and, thanks to three different textile layers, ensure an optimal heat supply.

        ·The warm air supplied is evenly distributed over the patient.

        ·The animal is actively tempered and relieved.

        ·Free surgical field

        ·60°C washable and reusable

        ·It is recommended to use the MOECK large laundry bag

        ·Compatible with almost all warm air appliances on the market

        ·Mainly suitable for dental procedures

        ·Provides optimal convective heat supply from above and below in combination with a large heating mat

        ·Variable round cutout fits different head and body sizes

        ·Dimensions (in cm): L 150 x W 95 cm

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