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The latest headlamp with ultra-bright coaxial lighting in LED HQ technology. HEINE's LED technology provides perfectly uniform and bright light with faithful colour reproduction.



The cooling system used guarantees operation without any vibrations!


NEW Polarizing filter for better contrast and reduced reflections

  • Very strong illumination - up to 50,000 lux of bright, evenly distributed over the entire light field with a color  temperature of 4,500 Kelvin. Optimum brightness prevents glare.
  • Compact and lightweight. The compact design ensures clear and undisturbed coaxial lighting. The low weight of the ML4 LED ensures comfort even during long work.
  • Extremely easy to adjust the light to your needs. Adjustment of the size of the lighting field and stepless adjustment of the brightness of lighting. For all available voltages and pocket power source.
  • Option of integrated mounting of HR/HRP series spectacle magnifiers and video camera.
  • Possibility of attaching a polarizing filter for contrast tests and a yellow filter for reducing the blue content (useful, for example, in dentistry)
  • Patented diode cooling system, guaranteeing the necessary silence and vibration-free operation.
  • Registered design.

Lighting: up to 50,000 lux at a working distance of 250 mm.
Color temperature: 4,500 Kelvin.
LED Durability: The lifespan of the HQ LED is estimated at 50,000 operating hours.
Adjustable field: Continuous adjustment of the lighting field in the range from 30mm to 80mm diameter (at a working distance of 420mm). The small diameter is suitable for ENT specialists and dentists.
Angle: Full adjustment for the right setting by the user.
Brightness control: Mounted on the side of the cap.
Optics: Advanced multi-layered glass optics for maximum brightness
Working time:
8.5 hours with the mPack pocket power device equipped with a Li-ion rechargeable battery - 70% more capacity compared to a standard rechargeable battery.
3.5 hours with the mPack UNPLUGGED battery system.
When powered directly from the mains - unlimited usage time.
Power sources: Socket transformer, mPack, EN50, mPack UNPLUGGED, EN 50 UNPLUGGED
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