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We present a sensational, used immunochemical analyzer miniVidas blue.


– is intended for immunodiagnostic studies using the enzyme linked fluorescent assaay (ELFA) method

– means about 120 tests, including progesterone, thyroid hormones and others

– the miniVIDAS camera includes an internal thermal printer and a barcode reader (optional)

– the camera has two independent measurement sections, each for 6 tests, allowing simultaneous marking of 12 tests

– this is the most proven and accurate analyzer

– also suitable for veterinary use


The  miniVIDAS tests consist of two components : a strip containing cavities with ready-to-use reagents and a solid phase carrier in the form of a disposable pipette coated inside with antibodies or antigens. This pipette is called SPR (solid phase receptacle). One set of SPR/strip is designed to determine one parameter in one patient (Single Dose system).

The kit also includes calibrators and quality controls in addition to testing.

The miniVIDAS camera is a needle-free analyzer, which eliminates the risk of transmission of infectious agents to personnel and the transfer of the determined component between samples. The necessary manual steps in performing the tests were minimized to centrifuge the blood and pipette the appropriate amount of serum (or other test material) into the strip. The camera does not require daily operation.

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