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The Symbol : E2
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When ordering Ceiling Lights Dr. Mach, contact f. Eickemeyer Customer Service to indicate the ceiling height.
On ceiling heights above 3 m, a fee is charged for adjusting the lamp to the ceiling height specified by the customer.
Dr Mach from Germany has been setting the standard in medical lighting technology for decades. The new generation of lamps in LED technology continues this tradition and supports veterinary specialists with the highest technology and design. The biggest advantages of LED technology are: a guaranteed minimum service life of 40,000 hours, its energy efficiency and almost non-existent heat production.
In addition, Mach 2SC LED provides an opportunity to increase the light intensity of the central section. This makes it possible to optimally illuminate any surgical field.
Mach LED 2SC
115,000 lux at 1 m distance
Color rendering index R(a) 95
Raidjust intensity, 5 to 100%
Adjusted light field: 17 to 28cm at 1 m distance
Head: 49 cm diameter
NUMBER of LEDs: 21
Power consumption: 30 W
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