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The Symbol : E2
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When ordering Ceiling Lights, Please contact f. Eickemeyer Customer Service to indicate the ceiling height.
On ceiling height above 3m, a fee is charged for adjusting the lamp to the ceiling height specified by the customer.
The ability to increase/decrease the intensity of light enables optimal illumination of deep and narrow wound channels. The multitude of faceted lenses is a guarantee of homogeneity and reduces shadows in the operating field.
LED technology is much more effective than traditional light sources. Thermal radiation is reduced to a minimum, without the use of expensive filtration techniques. The increase in temperature for doctors is almost imperceptible (0.5 ° C). The implementation of LED technology can reduce energy consumption by 50%.
Mach LED 3sc
140,000 lux at 1 m distance
Color rendering index R(a) 95
Light intensity adjustment, 5 – 100%
Adjusted light field: 17 - 28cm at 1 m distance
Head: 57 cm Dia
RED quantity: 28
Power consumption: 45 W
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