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The latest KOWA SL-17 portable slit lamps provide optimal stereoscopic observation with a choice of gap magnification and width in a compact, lightweight, portable device. Thanks to the non-slip ergonomic handle, the SL-17 provides maximum comfort during long tests.
Ergonomic and lightweight, only 790 g
LED lighting from 10K to 20K lux
Choice of 10x and 16x magnifications
4 slotted widths: 0.1 mm, 0.2 mm, 0.8 mm and Ø 12 mm
Lighting position: Ø 1 mm, Ø 5 mm, Ø 12 mm
1 mm gap for observing the anterior chamber of the eye
Built-in cobalt blue filter
Standard AAA batteries up to 280 minutes of battery life
Internal angle: 13°
Working distance: approx. 80 mm (at 16x magnification), approx. 100 mm (at 10x magnification)
Field of view: Ø 10 mm (16x magnification), Ø 15 mm (at 10x magnification)
Viewing Distance: 50 to 72mm
Eyepiece diopter adjustment: -8 to +5D
Gap projection angle: horizontal, +-60°
Power input: DC 4.8 – 6.4 V (4x AAA batteries)
Dimensions (cm): W 22 x H 22.5 x D 9.5
Weight: 790 g (including batteries)
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