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Vetario T30 is a new, compact intensive care unit for small animals. It has a fully digital temperature control system and early warning alarms. The temperature is maintained automatically and shown on the display.

The Vetario T30 incubator offers a comfortable, warm and hygienic environment for young, sick, injured or weak animals and is ideal for emergencies and animal rescue.

Digital temperature control of 0.1 °C

Alarm (bottom and top) for the set temperature value

Call door with lock

Adjusted ventilation

Advertifiable disassembly for thorough cleaning

Made of antibacterial plastic

Built carrying handle

12 V power supply (can be connected to a car power supply)

Can be transported on top of each other without rebuilding

In base area: 240 x 240 mm

Total volume: 9.5 liters

Dimensions (mm): H: 297 w: 270 x d: 275

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