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The EICKEMEYER® InfusoVet IP is a programmable infusion pump that combines safety, performance and reliability. The pump is easy to use and the infusion sets are easy to insert.

        ·2.5-inch LCD display with backlight

        ·Intuitive operation thanks to colorful, clearly arranged buttons and on-screen guide after commissioning

        ·User-friendly thanks to simple programming

        ·High patient safety thanks to acoustic and visual alarms (in case of air bubbles, blockage, battery discharge, infusion termination)

        ·Carrying handle makes transport easy and secure

        ·Also suitable for blood transfusion

        ·The InfusoVet IP Infusion Pump must only be operated with EICKEMEYER® infusion lines or other pressure/gravity driven infusion lines that meet the requirements of ISO 8536-8 P.


Technical specifications:

        ·Flow rate: 0.1 – 1,500 ml/h

        ·Volume limit: 1 – 9,999 ml

        ·Bolus rate: 0.2 – 600 ml/h (manual)

        ·Occlusion Level: 3 levels to choose from (150 – 900 mmHg)

        ·Mains and battery powered, up to 4 hours battery life

        ·Adjusting the alarm volume and alarm sound

        ·With infusion stand clamp

        ·Water splash protection according to IP34

        ·Dimensions (in cm): W 15 x H 25 x D 9

        ·Weight: < 1.45 kg

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