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InfusoVet Connect is a smart infusion pump for veterinarians that is easy to use, compact and portable. Thanks to the integrated WLAN, the pump can connect to the mobile device via an optionally available data transmission kit and transmit supply messages in real time.
4.3" color touchscreen for easy operation
Built-in Wi-Fi connection to central monitor
Auserical and optical alerts ensure a high level of patient safety
It is also suitable for blood transfusions
Can be operated with EICKEMEYER® infusion lines or other pressure/gravity infusion lines that meet the requirements of ISO 8536-8 P.
Technical data
Flow rate: 0.1 - 2000 ml/h
Sumerid range: 0 - 9,999.99 ml
Meal speed: 0.1 - 2000 ml/h (auto and manual bolus available)
Infusion modes: speed mode, time mode, body weight, drip sequence, drug library, and micro mode
Occlusion level: 5 levels to choose from (50 - 900 mmHg)
Alarm type: VTBI infusion, pressure rise, control against current, discharged battery, KVO termination, open door, air bubble, VTBI near the end, low battery, reminder alarm, no power supply, fall sensor connection, system error, etc.
Nets & battery power, battery life up to 10 hours
With a drip rack attachment holder and a cage holder
Lap resistance (IP44)
Dimensions (cm): W 13.8 x H 13.2 x D 9
Weight: 1.5 kg
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