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Icare® TONOVET Plus is a new generation tonometer for quick and easy measurement of intraocular pressure.
THE TONOVET Plustonometer is used to measure IOP on animal patients by veterinarians, ophthalmological veterinarians and other veterinary personnel.
New TONOVET Plus is even easier to use. It has an advanced user interface with a clearer, larger display. Red and green positioning lights help to find the right angle and center of the cornea. The automatic measurement sequence allows you to choose whether you want to take single readings or take all 6 measurements at the touch of a button.
Technical data:
Measurement range: 10 – 60 mmHg
<div ><span style="font-size: x-small;">Removability (coefficient of variation): < 8 %
Play accuracy: 1 mmHg
Display units: millimeters of mercury column (mmHg)
Power: 4 x AA batteries, 1.5V alkaline LR6
The device has BF shock protection
Dimensions (mm): W 24 – 29 x H 35 – 95 L 215
Weight: 140 g (without batteries)
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