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  • Absolute precision is a basic requirement to ensure the creation of a high-quality product. At HEINE, this principle applies to the entire production process. Complete set containing:   NT 300 Dual charger (302550) Automatic loading process and overcharge protection  

  • Contains two 3.5V NT battery holders including batteries (2 x 302535)


  • With short circuit protection and continuous ceramic brightness adjustment



    BETA 200 Direct Ophthalmoscope (301135)

  • Phanic optics eliminates reflections and guarantees a full view even with small pupils



    HEINE Otoscope, 3.5V (300035)

  • One light and swivel lens with 1.6x magnification



    Photoscopic speculums

  • High quality chrome construction, galvanized sheet metal that is easy to clean, disinfect and sterilize


  • Metal Speculum, 4 x 57 mm (300357)


  • Metal Speculum, 6 x 65 mm (300365)


  • Metal Speculum, 7 x 90 mm (300390)
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