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  • HEINE® offers the most complete and versatile range of LAscopes on the market.   HEINE® lever can be charged very quickly using a USB cable. A slotted head and scratch-resistant rotary magnifier allows testing at 1.6 magnification. HQ lighting enables very precise testing. Metal handle design for stability and long life  

  • One kind of automatic handle lock lock. No metal friction against metal which prevents wear and guarantees a firm grip on the instrument


  • Dead-ray protection: Electronic protection protects the battery from complete discharge by extending its life to the maximum.


  • Li-ion technology: no memory effect, easy charging without checking the charge status


  • Surance: up to 6 weeks of normal operation without recharging when using LED instruments


  • Fast load time


  • The light knurled surface prevents the handle from slipping and is easy to clean and disinfect


  • Large capacity: twice the capacity of NiMH batteries


  • Load status indicator in handle cap
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