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These all-new EickView LED-Videoendoscopes EickView 60 and EickView 50 are the perfect solution for Broncho-, Gastro-, Uretero- and Vaginoscopy in dogs and cats thanks to their external diameter.
Both devices work completely independently, other external devices will not be needed, since a strong LED light source is built directly into the distant end of the endoscopes.
No external equipment is required, as a powerful LED light source and camera are integrated directly into the distal end of the endoscope. In addition, the foldable 3.5" or 8" tabletop and wall monitor allows you to directly play videos and photos, as well as store them on an SD card. In addition, EickView LED video endoscopes can be connected to a separate monitor.
Technical Specifications
Foldable 3.5 inch monitor for video and photo playback
Recording and archiving on SD card
File Formats: JPG, AVI
Integrated LED light source
Battery for up to 3 hours of battery life
USB connector and video output
Depth of field: 5-80mm
Looking direction: 0°
View Angle: 110°
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