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Specially developed EickView Compact Endoscope is the perfect
solved solution for rinoscopy, tracheoscopy and vaginoscopy in small animals.
Thanks to its small diameter and integrated working channel, it is also ideal for examining the ear canal.
- Homogeneous and minimally invasive distal tip
- Highest mobility is provided by a rechargeable LED light source
- Integrated working channel: Ø 1.3 mm
- Ø external: 3.8 mm
- Working length: 14 cm
- Viewing direction: 30 °
- Opening angle: 90° (wide angle)
- Contains alligator foreign body forceps: Ø 1.0 mm, length 25 cm
- Long life battery / 4 hours replacement battery
- three adjustable light levels
- Two integrated rinsing channels
- various connections: Storz, Wolf, ACMI
- The DIN eyepiece allows a smooth connection to all popular C-mount cameras.
Delivery scope: endoscope with detachable otoscope protection, manual LED light source, foreign body forceps,
charger, spare battery, 2 cleaning brushes, case;
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