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EickLoxx SPP® (Swiss Patella Plate®) is a new technique for treating patella sprains in dogs and cats using Swiss Patella Plate® (SPP®).
In the surgical treatment of patella dislocation in a small animal, a tension belt is usually used to fix the tuberosity of the tibia after osteotomy. The tips of the KIRSCHNER wires used may irritate the skin or the implants may migrate, which may lead to their removal. The new EickLoxx SPP® boards are designed to avoid repetitive operations.
The EickLoxx SPP® system consists of 8 different plate sizes, 4 locking plates, 2 washers and multi-axis locking screws with a diameter of 1.7 and 2.3 mm. This allows for a good anatomical fit and stable fixation of the system.
Stopile fixing of the SPP® board with two omnidirectional locking screws and placing all implants on the medial side, significantly reduces the number of revision operations. The plate prevents the patella from retreating towards the middle.
Surgical correction of patellar dislocation using sPP® plate
Stable attachment for fast postoperative load
Biocompatible titanium - no need to remove the board
A complete set consisting of:
Taca for EickLoxx SPP®
EickLoxx SPP® implant module
2 AO grip drill bits (Ø 1,4 mm and Ø 1,8)
Screwdriver Blade (Torx 6)
Handle of a screwdriver made of silicone
Bolt attachments
Yug funnel systems (1.7 / 2.3)
Da depth indicator
EickLoxx impact plate hammer SPP®
EickLoxx SPP hammer®
8 metal templates for determining the size of impact plates EickLoxx SPP® in relation to the patella
Foil template for implant size
8 EickLoxx SPP® impact patellar plates (sizes 1-8)
4 EickLoxx SPP® locking plates (size S - XL)
4 EickLoxx SPP® washers (Ø 0.6 mm and Ø 1.6 mm)
16 titanium locking screws Ø 1.7 mm (6 to 12 mm), silver
16 titanium locking screws Ø 2.3 mm (6 to 12 mm), gold
Container, dimensions (mm): L 312 x W 183 x H 65
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