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  • Dura-Flex HD Animal Trapping Net, with 122 cm handle [GWV]

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The best all-round net in the industry for catching animals. Designed and tested by specialists. It has a strong and flexible polycarbonate rim that allows you to tame from any angle!

  • Rim dimensions: 244 cm x 1.58 cm
  • Strong network resistant to rough surfaces, nylon trimmed with polyester thread
  • Depth 112 cm, mesh 0.6x0.6 cm - does not cause the effect of entanglement
  • Inside, a special string to secure the captured animal
  • 122 cm aluminium handle with a diameter of 2.5 cm - lightweight and very durable
  • 61 cm handles covered with neoprene, resistant to liquids and guaranteeing a firm grip

For catching cats, small and medium-sized dogs, birds, rodents, etc.

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