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Digital pet thermometer with a length of 24cm. Swedish manufacturer Safehorse of Sweden, winner of the Spoga Horse 2009 award. The perfectly selected length of the thermometer allows you to measure the temperature exactly in the right place, and the slanted form prevents it from slipping in too deeply.

The SAFEHORSE veterinary thermometer has been designed with the greatest possible comfort of the tested animal in mind. The tip of the device is very thin, which makes it possible to measure the temperature even for very stressed pets. The short measurement time of only 20 seconds makes the examination quick and efficient. The SAFEHORSE animal thermometer has a built-in memory function that saves the previous measurement in the device's memory. This allows you to quickly see if your pet's condition is improving.

An electronic veterinary thermometer is a great choice for cattle, horses, and pets alike. It does not contain mercury or fragile glass elements that are harmful to the body. The whole thing is made of high-quality ABS plastic, thanks to which the SAFEHORSE veterinary thermometer is completely safe for every animal.

  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Measuring range 32-42.9 deg C
  • Accuracy +/- 0.1 deg C
  • Replaceable LR41 battery
  • Cleaning with hot water
  • Measured in 20-25 seconds

Short Instruction Guide:

To get started: Hold down the button. Initially, the window displays 188.8, then Lo, then 37.0, Lo again and a flashing C. The thermometer is now ready for use. Place the thermometer in the right place. After 20-25 seconds, the reading is complete and the thermometer beeps. The normal temperature for a horse is 37.5-38.2 degrees Celsius.
To turn off: Hold down the button again.

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