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  • Diagnostic tests for blood group for cats 5 pieces per package [GWV]

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Blood group tests designed for cats.

Test duration: 2 min


Bioguard tests are based on an agglutination reaction that occurs if a blood sample reacts with agglutinins/lecithin in the test window.


  • Take a 0.5ml blood sample (into a tube with EDTA or anticoagulant)
  • Place a drop of blood in each test window
  • Place a buffer drop in each test pane
  • Mix each window with a separate spatula
  • Read the results after 2 minutes


Each package contains

  • Tests (with spatula and dryer)
  • disposable droppers
  • buffer (3ml)

Test storage:

  • unpacked at 2-30 °C - up to 12 months
  • unpacked at 16-26 °C - use as soon as possible
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