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  • Sear holder for easy and very precise application


  • Longer cartridge life due to thin metal cap


  • Right painless and bloodless procedure


  • Ideal for ophthalmic or dermatological procedures


  • Freeze temperature: -89 °C / -128 °C (liquid freezing)


  • The cold melt depends on how much the lever is pressed


  • Gas cartridges available in 16 g or 25 g, filled with medically sterile gas (N₂O) and built-in filter (5 μm)


  • Warranty: 1 year per applicator, 2 years after product registration



    CryoIQ® DERM plus allows you to freeze the treated area with millimeter precision.


    CryoIQ® PRO offers precise treatment of affected areas of the skin without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue.

    ForoIQ® PRO:

  • More suitable for major changes


  • Changeable tips


  • Higher freezing effects


  • Longer tips make it easier to treat hairy animals
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