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The LC-04R [MEO] biochemical centrifuge is an excellent tool for conducting various types of laboratory tests. Thanks to its maximum speed of 4000 rpm, it enables precise and efficient mixing of samples. Speed control every 500 allows the centrifuge to be adapted to specific research needs.

Stepwise timing and rotation

The LC-04R [MEO] biochemical centrifuge has a time range from 0 to 30 minutes, which can be easily adjusted in steps. This means that you can set the desired working time with minute-by-minute accuracy. In addition, thanks to the possibility of stepwise speed control, you have full control over the spinning process.

Capacity and compact dimensions

This centrifuge has a capacity of up to 6x20ml, which means that you can process multiple samples at the same time. This significantly improves the work in the laboratory and saves valuable time for researchers. Despite this capacity, the centrifuge is small in size - Ø25x27 cm - so it does not take up much space on the laboratory table.

Rugged and lightweight design

The LC-04R [MEO] biochemical centrifuge is made of high quality materials, which guarantees its durability and strength. Despite its robust construction, the centrifuge is also very light - it weighs only 3.5 kg. So you can easily move it between lab workstations.


  • Specification:
  • maximum speed 4000 rpm.
  • speed control: step (every 500)
  • Time range: 0-30mins
  • time adjustment: step
  • capacity: 6x20ml
  • small dimensions: Ø25x27 cm
  • Weight:3.5 kg


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