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BioMaxima is a Polish company operating in the broadly understood field of biotechnology on the laboratory diagnostics market. It is one of the two domestic manufacturers of in vitro diagnostic reagents. All of the Company's products are CE marked and meet the requirements of the European Directive 98/79/EC. BioMaxima is also a distributor of products of the world's renowned diagnostic companies, such as e.g. Nova Biomedical, Mitsubishi Chemical, Diatron. 


The Company's offer includes the following main product groups:

·          diagnostic reagents for testing biochemical parameters of blood and other fluids 

·          with analysers 

·          rapid diagnostic tests for the detection of infectious diseases, tumor markers, markers of heart attack, addictive drugs along with readers

·          Urinalysis systems

·          haematological reagents with analysers

·          ion-selective analyzers with reagents

·          immunoassay analyzer of cardiac markers with reagents

·          Blood glucose meters for professional use

·          analysers for blood gas and blood parameters

·          ready-made microbiological substrates, in powder

·          antibiotic discs

·          Reference strains

·          transport and growth substrates

·          tests for microbiological purity control

·          disposable equipment

·          Microbiological Identification Analyzers


BioMaxima S.A.

Vetterów 5
20-277 Lublin
secretariat: +48 81 440 83 71
fax +48 81 744 29 15

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