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BTL–6000 SIS (Super Inductive System)

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BTL–6000 SIS (Super Inductive System) is an innovative technology that uses a high-intensity electromagnetic field that has a positive effect on human tissue. BTL SIS has an analgesic and regenerative effect. It causes myostimulation, myorellaxation, joint mobilization, improves breathing and accelerates the healing of fractures.

Maximum frequency: 150 Hz

Maximum stimulation intensity: 28 kT/s

Concentrating applicator


color touchscreen

Basic properties

• Planar applicator (option)

• 8.4"color touchscreen

• "FAVORITE" protocols

• Anatomical navigation atlas

• Patient Database

• Finished programs and therapeutic encyclopedia

• 6-articulated arm for convenience

• Pulse quality monitoring

• Coffee Table

Technical parameters

MODEL            BTL-6000 Super Inductive System

Ekran   8.4" color touchscreen


Navigatory anatomical atlas           &

nbsp;          &

Read treatment protocols  Yes

Span-programs                              &


San database            Yess

Maximal stimulation intensity  28 kT/s

Maximal frequency     150 Hz

Size           500 × 970 × 580 mm

Weight   33 kg

Power            100–240 V, 50–60 Hz

Accessories        6-articulated arm, concentrating applicator, planar applicator (option)

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