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Biochemical centrifugal LC-04P

is ideal for small surgeries and veterinary clinics, laboratories, scientific laboratories and beauty salons.

Thanks to the rotor for 2 types of tubes, the centrifuge has been used as a tool for obtaining platelet-rich plasma PRP. It is possible to directly centrifuge the material taken in special syringes to PRP.



  • max. 4000 r/m
  • rotor type: 45 degrees
  • time range: 0 – 99 min
  • rotation adjustment: electronic
  • livel view: digital
  • cover lock
  • the opening sensor
  • rotor unbalance sensor
  • brushless motor
  • 230V
  • weight: 7.0 kg
  • size: 28/25/24cm
  • currency weight 8 kg
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