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  • programmable 200 tests
  • types of measurements: Endpoint, Kinetic, Fixe Time
  • wavelength range: 340-700nm (7 filters)
  • incubator on 20 items, temp. 37 °
  • linearity: 0.2 ~ 0.5 A ± 5%, 0.5 A
  • operating temperature: 18-30 ° c
  • the memory of 1000 results
  • brilliant touch screen
  • built-in internal printer
  • the ability to print the cumulative result
  • RS to connect your computer
  • the camera also means elements
  • possibility of multiple repetition of research type of Endpoint
  • the cost of the mark 10 times lower than in the case of dry chemistry
  • 2 available versions of the camera: with flow measurement or kuwetą


In the photo visible 20 socket incubator that raises productivity and exceeds several times the precision of measurements in relation to the other analyzers.  Most of the available Analyzer does not have an incubator, which slows down their work.      

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