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4Vet Electric Treatment Table

Professional Treatment Table for Veterinarians

The 4Vet electric treatment table is an advanced tool designed to support veterinarians in their daily work. Made of stainless steel, it provides not only durability and strength, but also ease of cleaning. The table has a built-in angled mechanism and a top with a drain, which makes it an ideal solution for a variety of veterinary procedures.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Robust Construction: Made of stainless steel for longevity and corrosion resistance.
  • Adjustable Height: Electric height adjustment from 78 to 112 cm allows you to adjust the table to the needs of each treatment.
  • Angulation mechanism: The built-in angular mechanism allows for precise positioning of the tabletop in the optimal position.
  • Countertop with Drain: Facilitates cleanliness and hygiene during treatments.
  • Tabletop dimensions: The 120 x 58 cm tabletop provides sufficient working space for different types of treatments.
  • Electric Adjustment: The table is fully electric, which makes it easy to operate and allows you to quickly change settings.

The 4Vet electric treatment table is the ideal solution for professional veterinary practices, offering unparalleled functionality, durability and ease of cleaning. With its advanced features, the 4Vet table provides comfort and convenience during veterinary procedures.

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