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3D Bond™ as a platform for bone regeneration in dental procedures, is used to fill, supplement or reconstruct bone defects in the area of the mouth and jaw of the face.
3D Bond™ is a unique, pure two-phase calcium sulfate, which is a breakthrough in the field of maxillofacial augmentation.
3D Bond™ is the only cement of its kind that hardens in a short time after application, even in the presence of blood and saliva - an environment characteristic of the oral cavity.
3D Bond™ can be used in itself to secure pockets, it can also be used in conjunction with a wide range of bone supplements to prevent particle migration, allowing clinicians to  perform more complex augmentation procedures and get better results.
The material is biocompatible, resorbable and completely regenerates bone within 4-10 weeks, which is the exact time it takes for bone regeneration.  The result is a complete replacement of the material with the patient's own bone in the shortest and optimal time.
  • Self-curing cement, with the possibility of connection and embedding in the place of application.
  • Completely resorbable and replaced by the patient's own bone.
  • It can be combined with any existing bone replacement material.
  • It can be used as a barrier between other augmentation materials.


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