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The 3 cage set consists of 2 small cages on the upper level and 1 large cage with double doors on the bottom. The included partition wall allows you to transform a large bottom staircase into two smaller ones. Chrome-plated metal doors and locks. Silent plastic hinges. Running platform in black, powder coating.


The set is also available in a Quick Clean version - with a raised floor and a litter box.


Shor-line plastic cages are a cheaper alternative to stainless steel cages. Made of plastic that is resistant to dirt, daylight and disinfectants, they are durable and easy to clean. The shell of the cage is made of chlorine-resistant polyethylene - in a rotational casting process - in one piece - which eliminates stress on the welds.



Product W (mm) H (mm) D (mm)
Small Cage 615.95 712.00 720.73
Large Cage 1231.9 876.3 720.73
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