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A set of two X-RAY HAND SHIELDS, ideal for veterinary, surgery, dentistry, etc.

X-ray gloves -  THICK

- right/left with a radiation attenuation equivalent of 0.50 mm Pb

Lead X-ray protective gloves are perfect for the veterinary lab or holding a patient in the medical lab.

Scope of protection:

1, Workplace radiation: X-rays, γ, α-rays, β surface pollution

2, medical radiation equipment: X-ray diagnostic device, X-ray CT machine, digital X-ray silhouette device (DSA), radiation therapy device (cobalt-60 therapy machine, installed after treatment, etc.), medical accelerator Γ knife, X-knife, nuclear medicine device (SPECT, PET, γ camera, mainly perspective, shooting, fault, dental, orthopedic X-ray and CT protection, interventional radiology: cardiovascular imaging, interventional protection treatment; simulators, after installing the CO60 processing machine, linear accelerator, X knife, gamma knife and other indoor protective equipment.

3, non-medical radiation device: non-medical accelerators, radioactive sources, including source equipment and industrial radiation-ray detection equipment, gamma ray detection machines, room protection linear accelerator, nuclear gauge, neutron generators, closed radioactive sources, closed radioactive sources, non-X-ray diffraction, nuclear facilities and radiation sources and other large facilities (nuclear power plants, nuclear reactors, radiation processing unit (high energy accelerator) and other safeguards.

4, underground mining no uranium: high concentration of radon and its daughter illuminating radiation protection such as coal, non-ferrous metal ore, iron ore, tin and other miners

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