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OV series sterilizer is a reliable tool for dry, hot air sterilization. It is ideal for veterinary offices, educational institutions. It allows for the destruction of all microorganisms capable of development on metal medical instruments or glass. Due to the wide temperature range, the device can be used as both a sterilizer and a incubator.


  • microprocessor temperature control system
  • short time to reach a set temperature
  • made of stainless steel protects against possible corrosion and damage
  • forced air circulation
  • time range: RT+5 to +200°C
  • temperature control: 0.1°C
  • time fluctuation: +/-1°C
  • ambient temperature:5-25°C
  • internal chamber dimensions: 30*30*27.5 cm
  • comb capacity: 25 litres
  • imultior dimensions: 63*51*43 cm
  • weight: 28 kg
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