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On this subpage in our online store you can purchase a unique product – a high-quality veterinary table for X-rays. Thanks to it, performing an X-ray examination on an animal will be much easier and faster, and most importantly – safe.

High Quality Veterinary X-ray Table

Stable and strong construction. Professional veterinary table for X-ray examinations with boom and positioner included. Tabletop with dimensions of 1500 x 645 mm made of Kartit, permeable to X-ray waves. The stainless steel boom has tilt adjustment and 13 stick height settings. The arm for the X-ray machine can also be adjusted transversely. The movement of the arm has been synchronized with the self-centering cassette drawer, which moves under the countertop. The kit also includes a width correction positioner, which is very useful for x-raying the hips of small animals. Adjustable table legs, hooks under the table top to stabilize the patient.

The veterinary table, which can be ordered in our store, is an important element of the equipment of every veterinary office or clinic where X-rays of animals are taken. Thanks to it, the specialist can position his patient in such a way as to obtain a precise and accurate image of a single limb or the entire body (depending on the size of the animal). This makes it possible to make the correct diagnosis and take further action.

Attractive price!

  • Table top dimensions 645 x 1500 mm
  • Working height 70 cm
  • Cassette drawer 49x49 cm
  • Max load 120 kg
  • Adjustable boom and arm for X-ray machine
  • Self-centering cassette drawer
  • Adjustable positioner included

Why buy from us?

The X-ray veterinary table offered in our store is a high-quality instrument that can be used in clinics or veterinary offices. It is extremely resistant and resistant to mechanical damage. A great advantage of the product is also the ease of maintaining cleanliness and sterile conditions during the examination. The table can be equipped with additional accessories available in our store.

We cordially invite you to place orders. We guarantee an individual approach to the customer and preparation and shipment of the purchased equipment or other products as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the assortment, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our advisors will be happy to provide you with comprehensive answers.

The table is also available without a boom and an arm for an X-ray machine.

A stainless steel table version is also available on request.

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