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  • Arthroscopic set for small animals by Dr. BEALE STORZ [MEM]

Arthroscopic set for small animals by Dr. Beale STORZ [MEM]

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Arthroscopic tool set for small animals by Dr. Brian Bealefirma Karl STORZ

- new, warranty


- arthroscopic punch, straight, cutting length 1mm, jacket diameter 2.5mm, working length 8.5cm

- alligator grasping forceps, serrated, arthroscopic forceps, diameter 2.8 mm, straight, working length 8.5 cm

- hook and retractor, graduated, diam. 3.5 mm, hook length 2 mm, length rob. 8.5 cm

- hook and retractor, avg. 2 mm, hook length 2 mm, rob. 4 cm

- arthroscopic curie, spoon, straight, diameter 2,3mm

- arthroscopic lever, bent, working length 16 cm

- cannula, with LUER-Lock connection and valve, diam. 3.2 mm, length 7 cm, with acute obturator

- blunt obturator, for use with cannula

- arthroscopic knife, hook, cutting backwards, straight, width 2.5 mm

- arthroscopic knife "SMILLIE", cutting forward, width 2.5 mm

- WALTER osteotome, flat, width 2 mm, length 19 cm

- hammer COTTLE, length 18 cm

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