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The EeziSet Cat TrapTM cage is a self-activating trap designed to catch individual cats. The trap mechanism is easy to set up and effective in operation. The well-proven mechanism consists of a spring-operated, automatically locking door that cuts off the escape route, which is triggered by the weight of the cat pressing on the pedal plate. The entire trap is durable and simple in construction and can be used reliably even by inexperienced employees. The cage is made of thick steel mesh, coated with a protective material for durability. The entrance hole of the trap allows easy entry even for older males, and the cage itself is spacious enough to minimize the dangers and discomfort of the animal.

Other features include a Polyglass access door at the rear of the cage to allow the bait to be placed, and metal plates positioned to prevent lure from being pulled out of the cage. The "transparent" bait door is also designed to reduce the natural suspicion of an approaching cat. The EeziSet TM is available in a standard version and an extended version.

178-315 EeziSet Cat TrapTM
Length 76 cm x Width 30cm x Height 32 cm. Weight 8kg.
178-316 Extended EeziSet Cat TrapTM
Length 102.5cm x Width 28cm x Height 32cm. Weight 10kg.
178-315 Replacement Polyglass Door

* We are pleased to inform you that this product is no longer covered
zinc coating. Instead, an environmentally friendly paint coating is used.

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