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Magnifiers Seliga ALPHA TTL 
Lightweight pasted treatment magnifiers with a modern look are the best of their kind. They are intended for personal use. Designed to combine ergonomics and efficiency. These magnifiers allow the doctor to work in comfortable conditions while maintaining optimal body posture.

Appha TTL 2.5x
Popular and universal. Designed to provide the largest field of view combined with the comfort of low-weight magnifiers. Noteworthy is also the greater depth of field than in other magnifiers.

Alpha TTL 2.7x
Easy to use all day. Designed to provide a wide field of view. Because the magnifiers themselves are small - above them you can comfortably look without removing the magnifying glasses from your head.

Alpha TTL 3.2x
Recommended for microsurgery and more experienced users. Higher magnification gives you a more detailed image with a higher resolution.

Features of Alpha TTL Magnifiers:
1. SUPER lightweight: weight from 36g - some of the lightest magnifiers available on the market
2. Best-in-class
3. Impressive field of view
4. Corrective lenses: yes - optional
5. Easy to use
6. Individual application
7. Durable

Basic data:
1. Available magnifications: 2.5x; 2.7x; 3.2x
2. Focal lengths available: 35cm; 40cm; 45cm
3. Field of View: 75-110mm
4. Depth of field: 90-135mm
5. Lighting installation: yes - optional
6. Warranty: 12 months
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