• Tenders in Poland

Information on current tenders is provided by egospodarka.pl portal and includes the following categories: Laboratory furniture, Medical furniture, except beds and tables, Imaging equipment for medical, dental and veterinary use, Vaccines for veterinary medicine, Veterinary services, Animal feed, Feed for livestock and other animals, Pet food, Machines for the preparation of animal nutrition preparations, Tables or accessories for animal sectioning, Animal lures, Animal husbandry services, Domestic animal nursing centers, Biochemical analyzers, Blood analyzers, Milk analyzers, Chemical analyzers, Hematology analyzers, Immunoassay analyzers, Grain analyzers, Feed analyzers, X-ray developers, X-ray fixers, Printed X-ray envelopes, X-ray film, X-ray equipment, X-ray tables, X-ray workstations, X-ray processing devices, X-ray fluoroscopy devices, Dental X-ray machines, Diagnostic X-ray system, X-ray therapy devices, X-ray system for the heart, X-ray contrast media, X-ray inspection devices, X-ray microanalyzers, X-ray equipment repair and maintenance services, Photography services X-ray devices, Tomography devices, Computed tomography scanners, Axial computed tomography scanners, Reverberant, ultrasonic and Doppler imaging equipment, Ultrasound imaging devices for heart examination, Ultrasound devices, Ultrasonic scanners, Ultrasound cardiographs, Diagnostic ultrasound devices, Medical devices emitting ultraviolet radiation, Electrocardiogram, Electrocardiography devices, Medical tables, Examination tables, Operating tables, Snares, Barrel, Hunting baits.
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