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The Symbol : E2
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MAGIC P1, with its advanced features, is one of the most advanced Doppler systems in laptop format. Extremely high technical equipment guarantees the best image quality in all applications.
Small animals: belly, cardiology
Pets: belly, cardiology
Also for horses: belly, gynecology and orthopedics
Adjusting help for optimal operation
Simple patient management
Optimized, adjustable image resolution
Improved pre-processing and post-processing
Image without losing quality
Auto Doppler: automatic adjustment of image parameters
Special features
Improved image quality through state-of-the-art image enhancement tools (64-frame processing with up to 5000 images per second)
Compatible report function
Special veterinary software (bodymarks, pregnancy test)
Sonic technology for perfect cardio images
Unustrably fast: boot time from standby is only 5 seconds!
Lea long battery life of up to 90 minutes
Technical data
Image modes: B, B + B, B + M, M, CDI, B + CDI, PW, CW
Doppler methods: Color, PW, Doppler in CW
EG module - optional
39 cm tiltable HD LED monitor
240 GB internal memory
2 probe connections
2 USB ports
Exporting images in Windows formats (optional DICOM)
Dimensions (cm): W 35xH 6.5x D 37
Weight: 4.9 kg
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