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Profident dental units are the sum of many years of experience in the field of dentistry, offering a wide range of applications. Whether in general or specialist practice: Profident dental units offer a bright and modern design, combined with high mobility and low space requirements.


The tripod is adjustable in height and the handles are ergonomically arranged. All Profident dental units are equipped with handles with automatic activation. Three-way syringes (air/water/spray) are rotatable, easily removable and can be autoclaved, allow a thorough mouthwash. In addition, Profident units are equipped with a pressure outlet.


The Low-Speed handle is equipped with a swivel connection and allows you to quickly change the swivel caps.


The optional compressor can be integrated into the Profident unit tripod.


The Profident PLUS unit has a built-in high-performance piezoelectric scaler.


Handle with integrated LED lighting. In this way, you always have optimal lighting conditions. All functions of the device can be conveniently adjusted on the unit. The handle allows for excellent lighting and leads to better treatment results.


Dimensions: width: 52 cm; height adjustable from 71 cm to 100cm; depth: 40 cm

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