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Key features:

  • an apparatus with an anode voltage of 60 or 70 kV, equipped with a high-frequency generator that emits a coherent beam of radiation, limiting the doses absorbed by the patient's skin to 30% compared to ac current devices
  • programmed exposure times for individual teeth allow you to select exposure parameters by pressing one button
  • cooperation with any digital radiography system
  • focal length size 0.7mm guarantees the durability of the X-ray lamp 
  • wall mounting with three available arm lengths, maximum effective range is up to 216 cm
  • the robust metal construction of the arm guarantees reliability, and thanks to the "anti-drift" function, it allows easy and precise positioning of the head, while giving repeatability of photos
  • continuous internal microprocessor control of the efficiency of the apparatus and the correctness of operation ensures effective work
  • even more reliable electronics thanks to their location in the horizontal arm of the camera
  • possibility of mounting the camera on the KaVo unit
  • DAP dose monitoring function with display of their values on the camera control
  • possibility of selecting the head tube (round or rectangular)
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