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  • The system to be based on susceptibility determinations SENSITITRE (AGT)

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For the determination of the system based on susceptibility and identification of micro-organisms Trek Diagnostic Systems

-the actual values of MIC

-full range of dilutions


• Manual-Vision

• semi-Optiread

• Automatic-Aris 2 x

-A set of computer (PC, Windows, reader)

-Automatic inokulatorpłytek-AIM

-denzytometr (nefelometr)

-adapted to the needs of

• standard inserts-1op and ' 10 PCs.

• tiles under the client's needs "custom"

-titracyjne plate 96 hole

-be based on susceptibility plates

• the ability to read manual and automatic

• in accordance with the recommendations of EUCAST, CLSI

• for veterinary medicine


• links manual, semi-automatic and automatic reading

• the consolidation of the research

• based on the recommendations of EUCAST, CLSI

• configurable system Expert

• full cascadibility and hiding the results of

• your own rules expert

• Add-on module PIGS Epidemiology allows you within minutes to create a complete epidemiological report


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