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The HiRay 30 high-frequency X-ray machine combines the latest technology, proven reliability and brilliant simplicity with an attractive appearance. The device is designed for use with state-of-the-art digital x-ray systems, and the easy-to-read, 15-inch touchscreen monitor allows you to easily control all functions. The automatic anatomy program provides 100 programmed body parts for dogs, cats, pets, reptiles and birds. The "floating" table top has a large rail, which greatly facilitates the positioning of the patient.


Generator power: 11-30 kW, 40 Hz

Chiling socket: 50 Hz, 2800 rpm (HF)

Quackv values: infinitely adjustable from 40 to max. 125 kV, 400 mA

mAs values: adjustable from 0.6 to 80 mAs

Exposure times: 0.002 to 2 seconds

Slidity: 0.6 (1 kW) or 1.3 (30 kW)

2- and 3-point technique (kV - mAs / vK - mA - time)

Adjusted patient weight and layer thickness

4-way worktop with 60 cm longitudinal and 20 cm lateral displacement, mechanically braked, length 150 x W 72 cm, height 78 cm, with 4 clamps


LED light display with auto-off up to 90 sec.

Power: 220 V, 16 A

Foot switch with 6 m cable

USB Port for software update

Dimensions (cm): L 150 x W 95 x H 200

Optionally: X-ray tube height adjustable and rotary (± 90 °)

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