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Professional Root Extraction Forceps

Extraction forceps are irreplaceable tools in dental surgery, especially when removing various groups of teeth, roots and bone fragments from the alveolus. Thanks to their precise workmanship and solid construction, they ensure effectiveness and safety during treatments. Our root forceps were created with professionals in mind, which is why they are made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant surgical steel. They meet both national and European standards, which guarantees not only durability, but also safety for the patient.

Advanced technology for perfect results

Our root tongs are characterized by advanced manufacturing technology and ergonomic design. Thanks to this, doctors can be sure of full control over the instrument during the procedure. The 90-degree angle makes their manipulation precise and effective. In addition, they have a specially designed handle to prevent your hand from slipping during use. All this allows you to achieve excellent results even in the most complex cases.

Robust tools for demanding professionals

The high quality of the materials used in the production of our extraction tongs guarantees not only the durability of the tool itself, but also the precision of operation for many years of intensive use. Solid surgical steel makes the instrument resistant to all working conditions and retains its properties for a long time. They are excellent at both standard procedures of tooth or root removal as well as more complex surgical interventions.

Efficiency and safety in one

Operating at the intersection of modern medical technology and traditional manufacturing craftsmanship, our extraction forceps are the ideal solution for demanding professional workmanship to achieve the best results while maintaining maximum patient comfort. They are perfect for both the dentist's office and the operating rooms of hospitals, in any other place where efficiency and attention to detail are the most important.


  • Purpose: Extraction forceps are used in dental surgery to remove various groups of teeth, roots, bone fragments from the alveolus and foreign bodies.
  • kulka.png Advantages: The instruments are made of high-quality surgical steel - resistant to corrosion - in accordance with the requirements of national and European standards.
  • kulka.png Parameters: EXTRACTION FORCEPS FOR ROOTS FIG. 8 - Angle 90 degrees, length 16 cm.
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  • kulka.png Important:
  • Non-sterile product - requires washing, cleaning, disinfection and sterilization before use. (click)
  • Reusable product.
  • A medical device intended for use by qualified personnel.
  • Brand new product - 24 months warranty.
  • Warranty and post-warranty service of Orimed instruments.
  • kulka.png More information:
  • A manual surgical instrument consists of a handpiece/arms, a breech and a tip working in the shape of beaks.
  • Extraction forceps have different:
  • 1/ angles of inclination and shapes of the gripping parts in accordance with the anatomical structure of the tooth/root (to the maxilla or mandible, m.in. incisors, canines, premolars, molars, wisdom teeth, roots, fragments after extraction),
  • 2/ intended use (for milk teeth, for permanent teeth in adults and children, for roots, for fragments remaining in the socket, foreign bodies, e.g. a broken root canal tool or drill),
  • 3/ handle/arm patterns (non-slip "cross-cut", ergonomic - holes reducing the weight of the tool, non-slip grooves, ring grooves, additional spring plates, coating),
  • 4/ beak finish (serrated, smooth),
  • 5/ width and length.

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