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Premium, large and free-standing – with the new DRYtelligence
Sitent air-cooled Vacuklav 43 B+ Evolution is the ideal device for all clinics that need a fast, large and reliable autoclave without hydraulic connections. A deeper chamber (45 cm) allows sterilization of larger batches than in the similar Vacuklava 41 B+ Evolution. Very short sterilization times allow the use of this autoclave in clinkers that want to sterilize numerous tools in a short time. DrYtelligence's patented intelligent drying reduces uptime and saves resources with specially developed algorithms that adjust the drying time to the feed.
A further advantage is the integrated software that allows you to release, mark and track sterilized tools. This is a safeguard for the doctor and the patient. The extra-large colour touchscreen makes your work easier and easy to use.
Technical specification:
Size size: Ø 25 cm x 45 cm length
Comricular volume: 23 litres
Laden capacity: max. 9 kg Instruments / 2.5 kg Textiles
Power: 220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Power consumption: 3400 W
Required: min. Table top with a depth of 60 cm
Dimensions (cm): 46 x 50 x 68 (W x H x D) (Height with display 56 cm)
Weight: 69 kg
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