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HEINE® retains the best. The OMEGA 600 is particularly comfortable and sets a new technological class: among other things, thanks to the new and unique visionBOOST device for much better diagnostics even in advanced cataract cases.
Very accurate diagnosis up to the extreme periphery of the fundus
Up to 20% better visibility with visionBOOST
The lightest high-end intermediate ophthalmoscope in the world
Long investment thanks to solid workmanship
Ad and effective disinfection with smoothSURFACE
The most accurate diagnosis, up to the extreme periphery of the fundus:
Significantly better diagnostics thanks to the unique visionBOOST
The sharpest image of the fundus thanks to excellent glass optics
Clean and even fundus illumination with realistic color reproduction thanks to LEDHQ technology - now with even more natural colors
Best 3D imaging with stereoscopic HEINE® technology for dilated and unextended pupils
The world's lightest high-end intermediate ophthalmoscope:
Highest wearing comfort
Individual match
Customizable for right- and left-handed users
A lifting function of the optical unit for more convenient interaction with the patient
Long investment thanks to solid workmanship:
Service-free, dustproof optics
Legendary strength HEINE®
Optics stably mounted on an aluminum base
100% Made in Germany
5 years warranty
Ad and effective disinfection with smoothSURFACE:
No holes
Integrated electronics
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