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Digital radiography is a set of devices used to obtain an X-ray image on a computer monitor without the need for a classic film. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, the photo is displayed instantly, without carrying out chemical processes. It is possible to further digitally process it, aimed at obtaining additional diagnostic information, saving it on various types of media, printing or sending it electronically. One of the most important advantages of digital radiography, resulting from high sensitivity, is the reduction of up to 90% of the radiation dose that the patient receives .

Each digital radiography system consists of the following elements:
  • radiation sources (X-ray machine )
  • image capture elements
  • PC 
  • specialized software enabling the processing and memorization of images.
KaVo's IXS is a wired radiography with a CMOS sensor made in the unique CsI "micro-columnar structure" technology with very high resolution. Its unique advantage is the extraordinary ease of use also for people who do not have experience in using a computer.


  • theoretical resolution of 25.6 pairs of lines/millimeter, the only system that achieves the 22 pl/mm visible on the phantom
  • the only sensor on the  market with a "drip" shape consistent with the anatomy of the oral cavity, providing much easier positioning and the highest patient comfort
  • no elements of intermediate electronics – just a sensor, cable and USB plug 
  • reduction of radiation dose approx. 80% compared to film with sensitivity D
  • the active surface of the sensor is only slightly smaller than its external dimensions. For size Size 1 active surface 20 x 31 mm – external dimensions 25 x 37 mm. For size 2 sensor – active surface 28 x 36 mm – external dimensions 31 x 42 mm
  • pixels (imaging points) with a size of 19.5 μm, the size of a single photo-optical element of the sensor 6.5  μm
  • highest sensor life – standard warranty of 2 years
  • immediate and unlimited in time readiness to capture the image (no waiting for the sensor to charge and the need to control its readiness prevents errors related to movement and the need to reposition the sensor in undisciplined patients)
  • no need to activate the system before taking a picture
  • very high mechanical resistance of the sensor (integrated layer technology)
  • very high mechanical resistance of the cable (no brittle optical fibers, cable output in the middle of the rear surface of the sensor, not from the  edge)
  • cable only 3 mm thick, 3 m long , flat sensor with a thickness of 4.8 mm at the edge for easy positioning
  • fully portable system, requires only USB connector 
  • recommended maximum distance of the sensor from the computer 7 m, possible up to 12 m
  • virtually unlimited sensor life
  • the ability to connect to your existing computer
  • Easy placement of the sensor thanks to the set of positioners for the right angle technology supplied complete with the sensor
  • low cost of testing due to the consumption of only the hygienic casings of the sensor at approx. 64 gr/pcs. 100 pcs. is supplied complete with the system
  • resistance to operating errors thanks to compliance with the PnP standard (Plug & Play type, detects, for example , incorrect time of obtaining the image on the monitor about 1-2 seconds from exposure.



To process the captured images, DTX Studio Clinic software is supplied complete with the system. The Polish language version is extremely user-friendly thanks to the wide configuration possibilities and full software control over individual components. For beginners, for example, you can set up a set of large virtual buttons marked with legible images on the right side of the screen, which, when pressed , launch the most frequently used functions or tools. The user can use only the tool bar or keyboard shortcuts, using almost 100% of the monitor's surface to display images.

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