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D/Sense Crystal - (syringe 1m) is a unique means of reducing hypersensitivity, formed on the basis of potassium mondaw and nitric acid. D/Sense Crystal is applied by lubricating the sensitive area for about 20-30 seconds with an applicator containing an anesthetic substance that dries easily. In contrast to anesthetic substances built on the basis of HEMA, which form a film on the surface of the tooth with the effect of lowering sensitivity for a period of 2-3 weeks, D/Sense Crystal penetrates into the dental tubules by reacting with dentin to form crystals of calcium oxalate and potassium nitrate with a thickness of 4μm, resistant to acids. At the same time, it has a particularly long effect: 6-9 months for treated dentin.

When using D/Sense Crystal as a soothing agent, it should always be used before demineralization. After applying and rubbing the hole with an anesthetic for 20-30 seconds, and before demineralization, the hole should always be washed. 


  • Damaged tooth necks.
  • Under the closures with composite material.
  • When treating innervated cavities to prevent hypersensitivity and penetration of bacteria.
  • On any surface with exposed dentin.
  • With the gums pulled back and the necks bare.
  • Before and after professional cleaning in sensitive areas.
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