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Flow bactericidal lamp NBVE-110 PL on tripod. Disinfects the air in the presence of staff and patients. The housing is made of acid-resistant sheet, which is easy to keep clean, and its properties increase the efficiency of the disinfection process. The standard meter designed for this model is L - inductive version with an indication display with an accuracy of 1 hour. Another type of meter that can also be mounted in this model is the LW type - electronic with a four-pole display. This model sums up the work of the radiators and signals with sound the need to replace them. The guarantee of a constant and high degree of air disinfection is confirmed by numerous tests and certificates. The lamp has a mechanical meter.



  • supply voltage: 230 V 50 Hz
  • energy-saving - power consumption: 115 VA
  • UV-C emitting element: 2x55 W
  • radiator lifetime: 8000 h
  • fan capacity: 199 m3/h
  • Disinfected volume: 45-90 m3/h
  • Operating range: 18-36 m2
  • protection class lieutenant: I 
  • Housing Type: IP 20
  • Dome dimensions: 1125 x 215 x 130 mm
  • dimensions: 600 x 1320 x 600 mm
  • Weight: 13.5 kg
  • cable with plug
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