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BGD - Bite Guard Deluxe is the highest quality Top-Grain protective gloves with a length of 46 cm, made of bullskin and Kevlar. They have an additional protective lining in the sleeve to protect against crushing bites. Kevlar lining protects against teeth and claws. Available in size S-M-L.


Top-Grain provides even better protection and feel as well as greater freedom of movement.


For all protective gloves we recommend Kevlar protective sleeves Cat No: TLTKS


To choose the right size - see the size chart



All gloves are BITE RESISTANT - that is, they protect against bites, but they are not 100% resistant to biting.

The difference between bite resistant and bite proof is analogous to the difference between water resistant (protects against water, but eventually gets wet) and waterproof (100% waterproof e.g. wellies).

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