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Shore-line Classic Flat-Top Surgical Table

  • Made entirely of stainless steel
  • Maximum tabletop height 996.95mm
  • Minimum tabletop height 730.25mm
  • Maximum load capacity 136kg
  • Rounded edges of the tabletop
  • Slightly raised central part of the worktop with a shallow trough along the edges
  • 360° swivel table top
  • Freely adjustable inclination almost to a vertical position
  • Railing on both sides of the table
  • Four quick-release sliding clamps
  • The table is available in the following versions: with hydraulic adjustment, with electric regulation, with the option of heating the top
  • Factory set (non-regulated) temperature maintained at 35°C with even heat distribution
  • Wheels can be mounted to the table base as an option

Dimensions Classic Flat-Top

W(mm) H(mm) minimum H(mm) maximum L(mm)
558.8 730.25 996.95 1524.0


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