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New dimension of image quality
MAGIC 6000 PLUS not only represents a new dimension of image quality in abdominal ultrasonography of small animals, but can also be used in gynecology and orthopedics in horses. Thanks to its powerful filming mode, it allows you to be examined in the case of anxious patients or in difficult acoustic conditions.
Strengthful hardware and a large number of image adjustment parameters create unparalleled image quality in this price range
Power Doppler necessary to identify blood flow in different clinical settings
PW Doppler and "Auto Trace" reveal details of blood flow for a more complete diagnosis
Optional color doppler
Easy to use by combining keyboard and menu navigation
Programmable buttons for personalized modes
15-inch high-resolution screen that can be tilted 60 degrees, provides a pleasant image even further away
500 GB capacity makes it easy to process photos and video sequences later
Fast probe change during the test using the second probe connection is ideal in practice on small animals
Technical data:
Monitor: diagonal over 38 cm, tilting
iStation ™ patient management, photo and data storage
iBeam ™ : improves real-time image resolution
iClear ™ : improves image resolution
iZoom ™ : displaying the image on the monitor
iTouch ™ : automatic gain adjustment
iScape ™
8-fold TGC: compensation of signal strength of different layers
2 probe connections
4 USB ports
Application-specific measurements: abdominal cavity, gynecology, including calculation of pregnancy parameters
Dimensions (cm): W 36 x H 36 x D 15
Weight: 8.1 kg
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